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Are You Using Target Marketing to Increase Conversions?

If You’re Sending the Same Message to Multiple Markets, You’re Missing Out on Conversions!

Think about your prospects…  Likely, your business has at least a couple different target markets.  Try to put yourself in the mind of each.  What does each target market want?  Why does each target market take action?

Sending the same marketing message to multiple markets waters down the message and will likely reduce responses.  That means that it’s vital to target your message to each type of specific  prospect, which is aptly called target marketing.  Your goal should be to aim for sending specific messages to specific audiences.

BRODY Professional Development's Three Homepage Funnels Use Target MarketingFor example, one of our recent clients, BRODY Professional Development, works with three uniquely different target markets: leaders, managers and individual contributors.  Each market has specific training needs, which means that one message simply won’t work.

That’s why we incorporated three target marketing funnels on the homepage of BRODY’s new website at, as well as special landing pages for each of their target markets.  The headlines, sales copy and imagery for each target market is unique.  Here’s what I mean…

Market #1: Leaders
Headline on the special landing page for leaders:

Boost Your Organization’s Performance and Become an Innovative and Respected Leader in Your Market

Market #2: Managers
Headline on the special landing page for managers:

Increase Your Team’s Success by Sharpening Your Confidence, Credibility and Impact

Market #2: Individual Contributors
Headline on the special landing page for individual contributors:

Get Your Message Across Effectively with Clients, Coworkers and within Your Organization

As you can see above, each message is tailored to the specific audience.  Now think about your business… do your website, print materials and multimedia feature unique messages and benefits that appeal to each of your target markets?

Target Marketing Action Items:

1. Review the sales and marketing copy on your promotional materials and website to ensure it’s targeted to the specific type of reader.

2. Remember, you want to attract their attention using benefits and then substantiate your claims with features.

3. Set up analytics, tracking key codes, special links, phone extensions, etc. so you can track responses.

4. Work to improve your conversion rates.

Any questions? Enter your comments or questions below.

Author Byline: Ford Saeks, Business Growth Specialist, Keynote Speaker, Author and Consultant. Helping you find, attract, and keep your customers.

January 7, 2013 Posted By : Ford Saeks


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