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Recent headlines: NEW YORK SUN — “Talk of the Worst Recession Since the 1930s”

NEW YORK ( – “The U.S. economy is now in a recession, according to a poll of economists published Thursday, March 13th by The Wall Street Journal.”

Recession Proof Your Business - Add More Value! — Ford SaeksWhat do you think?  Are you worried about a recession?

I was speaking to a group of commercial customers in Ohio last week, and I asked them what their biggest challenge was in growing their business. 

They said things like the economy, the recession, the competition, the weak value of the dollar… but no one in a room of over 200 people said anything about their own businesses.

Then I said something really shocking… I said, “there is no such thing as money problems…” (and paused for about five seconds) and added, there are only idea problems.  If you want to make more money, then generate more ideas and implement them!”

Want to grow your business, and increase your sales and profits? 

Then think about your business and how you can add more value. More value means more profits.   While statistics and the media may show the country in a recession, it’s hardly going to stop people from spending money over the long term.   Just visit your local shopping mall, department store, or highway, and look at the traffic.  Where are all of these people going?  Either to work or to spend money… no doubt.

Hey, I’m a marketer… not an economist.  My goal is to make sure you focus on your business and take care of your customers.  You attract new prospects with compelling benefit-driven marketing messages, and you keep them by delivering value through your products and services.

So instead of focusing on the news, point your focus toward your prospects and customers. Think about new ways to offer them value.  Ask better questions and you’ll get better answers.  Put yourself in the mind of your prospect and get clear on what they really want.  

Remember that people don’t buy what they need–they buy what they want.  Find the “want” and fill it.  Then nurture the relationship.  

Send them “thank you” letters or cards. I’ve sent over 500 “thank you” cards this month alone.  I found a convenient way to order online and get them mailed immediately. As a thank you for reading my blog, you can get your free gift account and send a free card to one of YOUR customers today on me.  

My advice… Don’t participate in the recession.  

Ignite your creativity.  Unleash the ideas that you’ve thought about, but might have been reluctant to act upon. There is no better time than NOW to get started.

Focus on your business… not the fear-based media that wants to manipulate you into thinking that the sky is falling.

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Author Byline: Ford Saeks, Business Growth Specialist, Keynote Speaker, Author and Consultant. Helping you find, attract, and keep your customers.

March 25, 2008 Posted By : Ford Saeks


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