Sarah Robbins Influencer U

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Project Description

Sarah Robbins is a network marketing leader, thinker and earner. She’s built more than one multi-million-dollar business. Prime Concepts has worked with her for years to reach her goals. When she was ready to start a business course, she came to us to make a landing page, membership platform and printable workbook so she could release exclusive content to her network and teach them how to build their brand.

Scope of Work

  • Strategic Marketing
  • Copywriting 
  • Graphic Design
  • Print Marketing
  • Website Development


  • Designed a workbook which serves as an essential tool for those who sign up for her services
  • Created graphics that captivate the eye without taking away from the core content
  • Built a landing page that resonates with her brand, wrote copy that reflects her narrative and moves visitors through the purchasing process
  • Developed a dashboard that holds all modules for customers to login and begin their journey to building their brand

Membership Dashboard

Sarah’s desire to share her knowledge and help others build their brand is reflected in the membership dashboard. Prime Concepts created a layout that is easy for users to navigate.

Members can go through the course directory at their own pace and can review previous videos without hassle.


Along with video training modules, a print-ready workbook was also created for users. The study guide helps guide readers through:

So write your story down. We’ll do the rest.

  • Brand Building & Social Media
  • Selling Suggestions & Post Ideas
  • Promoting & Gaining a Following
  • Products & Profits

Affiliated Projects

Influence U is just one resource Sarah has created for others. Sarah’s Inner Circle and Rock Star University are two other projects Prime Concepts has helped Sara bring to life.

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