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Motivational Buying Triggers

90 ways to Use Emotional Charm to Sweep Customers Off Their Feet

Clients are always asking me, “How do you get customers to buy more?”

My answer:
You must connect with them on an emotional level. People make purchases based on their emotions, and once you have created an emotional bond with a customer you increase chances of getting repeat purchases from that person. If you tell a prospect your product or service will make her so attractive that nobody – man or woman – who passes by will be able to stop themselves from staring at her in awe and amazement (or with eyes full of envy) you will turn that prospect into a customer. Then, if you deliver enough added value to that customer, she will come back again and again and will become a loyal customer who will even refer her friends to you.

So how do you provoke a desired emotion in a prospective customer and get them to take action? You must make sure your copy addresses certain motivational buying triggers. I made a list of 90 motivational triggers. You’ll notice that all product/service benefits fall into one of these categories. I’m sure there are many more motivational triggers that need to be added to my list, so let me ask you: For what other reasons do you think people make purchases?

  1. Satisfy Curiosity
  2. Make Money
  3. Save Time
  4. Avoid Effort
  5. Achieve Comfort
  6. Enjoy Health
  7. Be Popular
  8. Gain Pleasure
  9. Enhance Enjoyment
  10. Feel Clean
  11. Be Praised and Admired
  12. Be In Style
  13. Satisfy an Appetite
  14. Own Beautiful Possessions
  15. Attract the Opposite Sex
  16. Be Independent
  17. Emulate Others
  18. Take Advantage of Opportunities
  19. Get a Surprise
  20. Be Successful
  21. Make Work Easier
  22. Gain Prestige
  23. Be Sociable
  24. Express Creativity
  25. Be Efficient
  26. Protect Oneself and Family
  27. Protect the Future of a Family
  28. Be a Good Parent
  29. Be Liked
  30. Be Loved
  31. Express a Personality
  32. Be In Fashion
  33. Avoid Embarrassment
  34. Fulfill a Fantasy
  35. Be Up To Date
  36. Own Attractive Things
  37. Collect Valuable Things
  38. Satisfy the Ego
  39. Be First At Something
  40. Enjoy Exotic Tastes
  41. Live In a Clean Atmosphere
  42. Be Strong
  43. Be Healthy
  44. Renew Vigor and Energy
  45. Get Rid Of Aches and Pains
  46. Find New and Rare Things
  47. Be More Beautiful
  48. Win the Affection of Others
  49. Satisfy Sexual Desires
  50. Bring Back Pleasant Memories
  51. Be Lucky
  52. Live Longer
  53. Feel Important
  54. Gain Knowledge
  55. Be Recognized As an Authority
  56. Enhance Leisure
  57. Save Money
  58. Have Security in Old Age
  59. Overcome Obstacles
  60. Do Things Well
  61. Get a Better Job
  62. Be Your Own Boss
  63. Gain Social Acceptance
  64. Keep Up With The Jones
  65. Appreciate Beauty
  66. Be Proud Of Possessions
  67. Resist the Domination of Others
  68. Relieve Boredom
  69. Gain Self-Respect
  70. Win Acclaim
  71. Win Advancement
  72. Seek Adventure
  73. Satisfy Ambition
  74. Be Among the Leaders
  75. Gain Confidence
  76. Escape Drudgery
  77. Gain Freedom from Worry
  78. Get On the Bandwagon
  79. Get Something for Nothing
  80. Escape Shame
  81. Avoid Effort
  82. Protect Reputation
  83. One-Up Others
  84. Replace the Obsolete
  85. Add Fun to Life
  86. Work Less
  87. Relax
  88. Avoid Criticism
  89. Avoid Physical Pain
  90. Avoid Trouble
Satisfy Curiosity
Make Money
Save Time
Avoid Effort
Achieve Comfort
Enjoy Health
Be Popular
Gain Pleasure
Enhance Enjoyment
Feel Clean
Be Praised and Admired
Be In Style
Satisfy an Appetite
Own Beautiful Possessions
Attract the Opposite Sex
Be Independent
Emulate Others
Take Advantage of Opportunities
Get a Surprise
Be Successful
Make Work Easier
Gain Prestige
Be Sociable
Express Creativity
Be Efficient
Protect Oneself and Family
Protect the Future of a Family
Be a Good Parent
Be Liked
Be Loved
Express a Personality
Be In Fashion
Avoid Embarrassment
Fulfill a Fantasy
Be Up To Date
Own Attractive Things
Collect Valuable Things
Satisfy the Ego
Be First At Something
Enjoy Exotic Tastes
Live In a Clean Atmosphere
Be Strong
Be Healthy
Renew Vigor and Energy
Get Rid Of Aches and Pains
Find New and Rare Things
Be More Beautiful
Win the Affection of Others
Satisfy Sexual Desires
Bring Back Pleasant Memories
Be Lucky
Live Longer
Feel Important
Gain Knowledge
Be Recognized As an Authority
Enhance Leisure
Save Money
Have Security in Old Age
Overcome Obstacles
Do Things Well
Get a Better Job
Be Your Own Boss
Gain Social Acceptance
Keep Up With The Jones
Appreciate Beauty
Be Proud Of Possessions
Resist the Domination of Others
Relieve Boredom
Gain Self-Respect
Win Acclaim
Win Advancement
Seek Adventure
Satisfy Ambition
Be Among the Leaders
Gain Confidence
Escape Drudgery
Gain Freedom from Worry
Get On the Bandwagon
Get Something for Nothing
Escape Shame
Avoid Effort
Protect Reputation
One-Up Others
Replace the Obsolete
Add Fun to Life
Work Less
Avoid Criticism
Avoid Physical Pain
Avoid Trouble

Like I said, I’m sure there are many more motivational triggers, and as an experienced marketer I’m always open to feedback.  So, I hope you can now go review your copy, see what motivational triggers you have used (or should have used), and let me know what you think so I can add your ideas to my list. Post your additions in the comments box below.

Author Byline: Ford Saeks, Business Growth Specialist, Keynote Speaker, Author and Consultant. Helping you find, attract, and keep your customers.

September 10, 2009 Posted By : Ford Saeks


  1. Kennon Fort

    This is an excellent post… I had it turn up in specific search results. Thank you for this. I’ve passed along the link to this in an e-mail to over a dozen people I met at a seminar last month.

  2. kbhuffaker

    Very nice list of hot buttons. I’m going to use them as I write my own articles for my niches.

  3. John

    I find that you are absolutely right. When you prvoke an emotion, people are likely to react. I tell people I dont want them to do this because I want to make more money, not them. They are curious and sign up.


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