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Putting “Legs” on the Law of Attraction: Prosperity Consciousness in Action

Law of Attraction - Superpower Book by Ford SaeksAre you living in lack or abundance? Are you part of the scarcity herd, or are you in that tiny 2 percent or so of the population that knows how important prosperity consciousness is for success?

Being prosperity-minded is definitely a superpower. I first heard the term “prosperity consciousness” from my friend and business partner Randy Gage. I credit Randy with introducing me to the tools, teachings, and tactics I needed to replace lack consciousness with the power of prosperity consciousness.

You may have heard the saying “What you focus on, you attract.” A few years ago, there was a popular book and DVD movie titled The Secret. It was an inspirational teaching to the general public introducing time-tested strategies for success and repackaging them to be more current. The basic concept with the book centered around the concept of the law of attraction.

The Secret received lots of publicity and sold in many languages around the world. So I’m not so sure it really was a secret . . . but it certainly was to the masses. It’s very similar to the quote by Henry Ford, “If you think you can . . . you can. And if you think you can’t . . . you can’t.” But the concept of just thinking and focusing on what you want to attract alone is not enough to create true prosperity in your life.

You must put “legs” on the Law of attraction by taking conscious action. That includes conscious self-talk, positive behaviors, and massive action steps.

Prosperity is much more than creating monetary wealth.  For some people, it’s creating wealth and measuring that prosperity by collecting material things; for others, it’s peace of mind, happiness, and spirituality. I believe that prosperity is how you look at the world and everything around you. It manifests itself in your mind and in your thoughts. It’s not something external.

You can experience prosperity at any level of income, at any time, specifically including now.

I certainly don’t consider myself a prosperity guru. I’m just a person wanting to improve my life and create wealth and abundance for myself and for as many people and organizations as I can help. I help people through my books, blogs, keynote presentations, and consultations. You help people however you choose to help them.

Most people think life forces them to make choices. I have a different view: I think your choices make your life. Your wealth, health, and outlook—all the different forms of prosperity you are living or not living today—are the result of the choices you’ve made up to this point. Every day is a new day, and even every minute is a new minute. You can make a choice to change at any time. Choose prosperity – then take action. You’re worth it.

Here’s my favorite reminder for choosing prosperity and taking action on that choice.  “There is no such thing as a money problem … there is only a lack of ideas.” It will show you how you can begin to take control of what you focus on, believe, and attract  – and help you design a belief system that supports you and moves you toward actions that support prosperity consciousness.

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Author Byline: Ford Saeks, Business Growth Specialist, Keynote Speaker, Author and Consultant. Helping you find, attract, and keep your customers.

April 18, 2012 Posted By : Ford Saeks

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  1. Keith Townsend

    It definitley takes more then affirmations and positive thought to attract wealth and successful situations into our life. The first step is to be concious of our self talk and thoughts. Once we we are aware we can now raise our vibration and be the change we want to see in the world. If we wish more people smiled and were happy, we must smile and be happy. We will attract what we put out. Thanks for the great post!


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