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Ford Sakes or Ford Saeks?

Ford Sakes, Internet Marketing Speaker…

Everything you ever wanted to know about Ford Sakes.

Really though, my name is Saeks… not SAKES, but Google, Bing and Yahoo aren’t  smart enough to figure that out yet.

Ford Sakes spells his name Saeks

Ford Sakes spells his name Saeks

I’m writing this blog post to help the search engines and new prospects find me, Ford Sakes on the Internet. You see, since I preach that “keywords drive traffic” then unless I create a blog posting with the proper keyword density for “Ford Sakes” then I won’t be found in the rankings.

My name, while spelled F O R D   S A E K S, is commonly search for as FORD SAKES.

Other common mistakes in my name are:

  • Fred Sakes — Common… is having a name like Ford that odd?
  • Ford Sacks — glad I didn’t have grow up with that name
  • Fred Sacks — doesn’t sound that good to me.
  • Ford Saekes — perfect for those that are dyslexic and paid by the letter.
  • Ford Steaks — Right, like that will work.
  • and my favorite… Fred Sucks.  Really?  Who typed that into a database and thought that was correct?  At least Ford Sakes makes more sense since that’s how my hame is pronounced… Sakes… as in “For Heaven’s Sakes”

This is really just about my last name… because people search for it as Sakes.  I’ve heard all of the funny acronyms for my first name. Imagine what it was like growing up with a first name like Ford.  Sakes is the easy part.

And I even have my name “Ford Saeks” trademarked to prevent other people from stuffing their keyword descriptions with my name to generate traffic.  Seriously, I did. Hey, I’m a great Internet Marketer, but hardly a celebrity.

Who is Ford Sakes?

I’m a business growth expert, Internet Marketer and CEO of Prime Concepts Group.

Why Care About Ford Sakes

If you’re looking for Ford Sakes, you’ve found me. Well you’ve found Ford Saeks… same guy that can help you improve your Internet Marketing, Website Designs and Grow your business.

Sakes is how it sounds, but it's spelled Saeks

You can learn more about Ford Sakes by visiting the about us page on this website. Let’s see how long it takes to get this page indexed in the search engines under Sakes, so that I don’t lose prospects who know the sound of my name, but not the correct spelling of Saeks.

Author Byline: Ford Saeks, Business Growth Specialist, Keynote Speaker, Author and Consultant. Helping you find, attract, and keep your customers.

February 11, 2010 Posted By : Ford Saeks

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  1. Ford Saeks

    I did it. If you search now for Ford Sakes I’m number one in the rankings. Proof that keywords and proper SEO produce results. This was easy for that keyword because it has virtually no competition. For more competitive words you need to work harder, create more relevant back-links and add more themed content.


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