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Facebook Messages Puts the Private Back in Public

“Facebook e-mail” puts the private back in public

Earlier this year, I read a column about how several colleges and universities were no longer distributing email accounts to new students.  The rationale behind this was that the majority of millennials are plugged into social media sites like Facebook, and these “instant gratification” users think email is too slow.

Email is too slow?  Makes you wonder if this new generation of users even knows what “snail mail” is!

Facebook has already rolled out so many new features this year; users are still focusing on forming “groups” and trying not to get lost navigating “places.”  Now, they’re giving us another inbox to check!

Or are they?  According to the brainiacs behind Facebook’s new email strategy, their new “messaging” system will deal with the dilemma of having to communicate with different people through different channels.  In essence, it will do the thinking for you… so you only have to send your message one time, to one place.

Let’s say you’re sending a “grand opening” event invitation to your contact list.  Do you send it through email, SMS, Facebook or all three?  This new feature promises to answer that question for you… you send out the message via Facebook and it figures out the best delivery route for each recipient.  So, while a 21-year old may receive your announcement instantly via SMS, a 51-year old customer might receive an email.

In true Facebook fashion, this new feature will extend well beyond email.  In addition to the seamless messaging, it also promises to keep a conversation history.  This will be a log of all communications you’ve had with a contact, regardless of the platform used.  Not to worry, they’ve also come up with a feature to delete the history entirely from their server.

Your new “social inbox” will even come equipped with fancy filtering features; since Facebook already knows who your “friends” and “friends of friends” are, they’ll prioritize those messages over ones from spambots.  It even designates an “other” folder for the non-social stuff like bank statements and automatic payment reminders.

Visit Facebook messages to learn more about what they’ve got planned.

Author Byline: Ford Saeks, Business Growth Specialist, Keynote Speaker, Author and Consultant. Helping you find, attract, and keep your customers.

March 16, 2011 Posted By : Ford Saeks


  1. Sue Ryan

    I got the invite to reserve my facebook email. My first concern was that spammers would have a common part of the email name and it would be a heyday for them. In addition, with facebook apps, we agree to share a lot of information and i’m concerned about the protection of our privacy. What are you hearing about this?

    Great article!

  2. Warren

    Some things I’m wondering:
    1. How will it handle spam?
    2. How will it handle white/black lists?
    3. What access does it have to my private conversations?
    4. What information is Facebook collecting from my Message center?
    5. Are they using it for any kind of targeting? Eg. Advertising campaigns.
    6. Does it handle HTML?

    Some answers would be great.

  3. Ford Saeks

    Warren, The jury is still out on those answers. We haven’t received the access yet.

  4. Meena Bassem

    hmmm . these messages include the ones in chat? will these also be in public?
    what part of the word “PRIVATE” mark doesn’t get?


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