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Can Anyone Write Great Copy?

Can anyone write great copy? I get asked that all the time. I tell them all the same thing: You already know how to do it! Because you already know how to tell stories. I just have to teach you the proper structure, and UNTEACH you all the stuff your elementary and high school teachers taught you.

If you ever made up a story for your children, you’re a copywriter. If you’ve ever gathered with friends as a teenager and told ghost stories, you can write copy. Great copywriters simply paint visual pictures of events. Events that happened in the past, events that may happen in the future, or events that won’t ever happen, unless you buy their product. You either paint the picture of the joy the prospect will get using your product, or you paint the picture of the hardship he will continue to endure without it. Why?

Because people love stories. No one is interested in dry facts and statistics about your product. But they will be captivated by a story that tells them how it will impact their life. And the more emotion that you bring into that story, the more compelling it will be to your prospect.

The reality is that if you can talk, you can write great copy.

Start right away… go get some of your marketing materials or look over your website and see if you are writing emotion-based, conversational-style copy using stories that people can relate to in their life.

A great source for learning more about copywriting is Randy Gage’s “How to Become A Copywriting Stud” home study course. Get the details at It’s mandatory for all of my sales and marketing staff and I know it will help you too… that is if you want to increase your sales and profits!

“How to Become a Copywriting Stud!”

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Author Byline: Ford Saeks, Business Growth Specialist, Keynote Speaker, Author and Consultant. Helping you find, attract, and keep your customers.

February 21, 2008 Posted By : Ford Saeks

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  1. Ann

    Best resource in the world on how to write effective, response-driven marketing copy!


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